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I was tagged by the lovely balletfever89 who shares my infinite love of all things Tessa and Scott.

1. favorite song to jam to?

This changes on a daily basis.  Right now, it is Glowing by Nikki Williams.  I also will always jam to Love on Top by Beyonce.

2. favorite color combination?

Right now, blush pink, gray, black, and cream. With gold accents.  Yes, please.

3. favorite sound?

The sound my dog makes when she first wakes up… Its kind of this little quiet grunt that says “why on earth did you wake me up?”

4. least favorite food?

I really hate those dark purple and white crunchy pieces of lettuce that come in my package of baby greens.  No, thanks.  They are bitter and have a different texture than the rest of the lettuce.

5. best weather?

75 and partly cloudy… Those puffy clouds in the sky where the sun still shines, but occasionally there is the slightest bit of shade.

6. favorite word?


7. that moment when….. (make up something funny)

That moment when you transfer your drink from one cup to another without spilling, then knock the full cup over.  (Kid you not, this just happened to me.)

8. 3 favorite features?

On myself? Eyes, hair, teeth.

Someone else? Eyes, hair, hands (not in a creepy way).

9. if you could own any animal which one would it be?


10. favorite childhood memory?

Every summer at camp.  The BEST.

I tag: southerngentleman28, breathestephaniebreathe, izzieq42, learningtorunoff150pds, abitofsilliness, ksiouxw, finding-annemarie, alexismroark, and anyone else who wants to do it… I can’t think of 11 off the top of my head….

I ask you all:

1.) If you could relive any moment in your life thus far, what would it be and why?

2.)If you were a color in the Crayola box, what would you be?

3.) What book are you reading?

4.) How do you take your coffee?

5.) What is your go to song to sing in the shower?

6.) Where would you go in the world if you could?

7.) What is something that you are looking forward to?

8.) What actor/actress would play you in the movie version of your life?

9.) What is the last kind thing that you did for someone else?

10.) What is your biggest aspiration in life?




Maia and Alex’s program for The Ice is absolutely gorgeous. I am so impressed with them and presumably Marina for the beautiful choreography. That lift starting at 3:48, with that lovely spin at the end… *melts*

I hope they use this program for exhibitions this year!!

This was beautiful!

Love this!!!! I feel like this is a great example of how sibling partnerships should look….




Prepare to have your heart melt all over again…

Reblog every time

Reblogging to keep this up on my feed for their wedding